1. Creative Art Series – Create Your Own Spirit Animal

Creative Art Series – Create Your Own Spirit Animal

Creative Art Series

When you are immersed in creating, time stand still and you find yourself in the moment. Some may call this a special kind of mindfulness. Escaping into your creation requires your full mindful attention. BC art


Create Your Own Spirit Animal



Everyone has a spirit animal, why not capture the essence of yours?

We will start with a guided mediation, to pave the way then with gentle coaching you will create your own artistic version of your spirit animal. If you have never held a paint brush or drawn before now is your chance for a fun and insightful experience.

Did you know we may have a many of seven different spirit Animals in our life time? They may appear at different times or events in your life to guide and protect you.

Create your own Spirit Animal Workshops can be tailored to groups from adults to children.

Your instructor and Guide:

Louise Lambert, a Métis and Professional artist, will be your guide and instructor.

Her works are well known in the Okanagan Valley, selling internationally. Owner of Wine Country Studios, she has conducted over 200 workshops though out North America.

Spirit Animal – Bear





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