1. Métis Art

Métis Art

Offering a curated collection of Métis Art in both classic and contemporary interpretations.

Our collection of Métis artwork highlights the diversity of native craftsmen and women of the Pacific Northwest.

indigenous art
take_flight-1000-bright indigenous art

These authentic art works painted in oils, crafted in clay or designed in glass show case the talented artists.

The compelling imagery is drawn from the artist’s ancestry shared with the Metis and Coastal Salish people of British Columbia. They are authentic works of art created with a contemporary twist.

“The Return” stained glass by Jeananne Copley

Some indigenous peoples believed that the brightly coloured autumn leaves falling into the water were magically transformed into salmon who were returning to their birthplace to spawn.

Aboriginal art

Commissioned Oil painting at Wine Country Studios by Lambert featuring Tlinget Basketry

The Tlingit weavers were praised as the most skillful basket weavers on the Northwest Coast. Most Tlingit basketry is twined from finely split spruce root and decorated using grasses and fern stems.

Did you know we may be connected with nine different animals that accompany us through life as our guides?

We experience the wisdom and assistance of these different animal guides as they come into and out of our lives throughout our journey. They join us during new tasks, changes in direction, lessons to be learnt, and all events involving spiritual growth including simply bettering ourselves in day to day living.

Most traditions agree that we usually experience at least one animal guide who stays with us for our whole life, in both the spiritual world and physical manifestations. This animal acts as our main guardian spirit (Life Totem). You share a connection with this animal that will show itself in shared characteristics, your dreams, various interactions, and an ongoing interest in this animal throughout your life. Your animal guide offers power and wisdom to you. It is with you to assist in your soul’s purpose in life during this manifestation.

Take home your own Spirit Animal by Louise Lambert.

INSTRUCTOR: Louise Lambert
LOCATION: Wine Country Studios


Saturday, November 20, 2021

TIME: 9:30am – 12:00pm

COST: $52

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Call 778-797-8800

Workshop Number: 8581

Spirit Animal: Bear - painted by Louise Lambert

Create Your Own Spirit Animal

Get in touch with the sacred essence of your Spirit Animal by creating your own artistic interpretation in an inspirational and rewarding workshop.
You will be provided with all the needed materials and gentle guidance to complete your own works of art reflective of your spirit and vision.

Workshops are scheduled throughout the year.