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Schedule Group Creative Workshops

Encourage your group’s creativity engaging their mind, creativity and spirit.   Let them experience deep engagement in an activity where they are totally immersed in the process without judgment. It enhances…
group workshop

Landscape TIPS

What paint colours are recommended to use to paint landscapes?I suggest using a limited palette because it creates harmonious colour combinations for your painting, you learn how to mix colours…
westValley-of-the-Dolls- landscape painting tips

What was the inspiration behind the popular workshop “Create your Spirit Animal” ?

When we turn our attention to the intelligence of  animal life, creativity and Louise’s own Metis heritage, the result is the very powerful experience in Creating your own Spirit Animal.

The art crafted by the  attendees not only provides a gateway to their originality  and inner soul, but also offers a symbol of guidance, protection and  self-compassion, so needed in today’s world. Here is how it came about…

spirit animal canadian geese solo flight earth to heaven
spirit animal canadian geese solo flight earth to heaven

Summer Art Workshops Around The Okanagan

Check out our Workshop and classes page for even more workshop details: https://winecountrystudios.ca/workshop-classes/ Painting in progress Louise Lambert Art Series at the Penticton Art Gallery Outdoor painting workshops at Kalamoir…
painting outdoors plein aire

Use an Artist Palette to decorate your house

Now you have the opportunity to use an artist’s eye.  Who better knows colour than a professional selling artist?  Educated in colour and using combinations of colours in everything they…

Make it Personal

These days, there seems to be a growing backlash towards the antiseptic and minimalized decorating trend currently in vogue in home décor.  You know, the ones with fewer collections, less…
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What is your style?

What is your style? If you are bold, strong, and like control, then Acrylics may be your paints of choice for you. Acrylic Paints If you enjoy depth, the classics,…
whats your style soft pastels