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  2. Use an Artist Palette to decorate your house

Use an Artist Palette to decorate your house

Now you have the opportunity to use an artist’s eye.  Who better knows colour than a professional selling artist?  Educated in colour and using combinations of colours in everything they paint gives them the advantage of selecting colours and colour combinations.

Interior design by Louise Lambert’s palette

When Louise Lambert creates a painting, for a client, she endeavors to learn their colour preferences and themes desired. The size of the painting is carefully scaled to fit the space in the home.  However, the real magic happens once the painting is completed and installed. At this point, the owner of the artwork is also given the color palette used to create the painting.  The owners can then use this colour palette for future selections of furniture, upholstery and other decorative items. Learn decorating secrets from our cleaver professional artists and designers at Wine Country Studios.  

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