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Paint Me a Picture – Commission Art

Be the director of your own Art Masterpiece

Louise Lambert

Why not have a personal connection with your artwork?

If you want a particular size, theme, subject or colour palette, Louise will create a custom artwork painted just for you.

Commissioning art is the natural solution. The cost is often not that much more than purchasing an original piece of art from a gallery, while getting exactly what you want.  Commissioning art is a fun, bucket-list experience.  No matter if you are a first-time art buyer or a seasoned art collector, Louise will make the process easy, enjoyable and exciting.

Create Your Personalized Art with us Today!

As easy as 1, 2, 3…   Choose the size, color scheme and the theme you want.

commission art work

Does Size Matter?

To aid in your size selection you will be shown 2-3 blank canvas, in your space where the painting will hang.

This visual picture will help you select the right size, along with Louise’s recommendations.

Louise Lambert

Color and Style

Choose the colours you like and the style you appreciate.

Your preference may be: Natural, Realism, Impressionistic, Modern or Graphic.

it’s your choice.

wine art - okanagan art

Theme or Subject

Pair your vision with our talent and watch the painting of your dreams unfold before your eyes.

Okanagan art

Capture The Dream

You imagine it
– We capture it

Louise Lambert specializes in making your artwork visions a reality.

A painting by Professional artist Louise Lambert, personalizes art that is created specifically for you

Louise Lambert’s commission work has been in demand since 2000.  Crediting her clients with the creative inspiration for the work and involving them in the art experience goes well above and beyond what regular art galleries can offer.  Encouraging client’s feedback at stages of the artistic process, keeps the painting alive.  With her guidance, Louise encourages her patrons to choose their favourite scene or subject.  The painting’s dimensions and palette colours are all selected based upon their preferences. This collaborative experience creates the opportunity for you to explain exactly what you want.

You will receive regular updates on your painting’s progress and follow up visits so you can see how your painting is evolving or you can have electronic photographs sent to you allowing direct exchanges with the artist.

When the painting is finished … YOU get to name it, tell the story and enjoy it!!

Louise Lambert

“I prefer to offer very personal service to my clients”.

Commission Work

Louise Lambert, is the owner of Wine Country Studios and professional artist with commission work in demand.  She has completed more than 195 commissioned works in Canada and USA, some as large as six by eight feet, for home owners, as much as 30 ft. by 8 ft. for businesses, working from Wine Country’s working studio in  Kelowna, British Columbia.

Classically trained at the Copinni Fine Art Academy, San Antonio Texas, with education throughout North America including, Ottawa, Toronto and Washington DC, her breadth and depth of painting supplemented with a background in interior design, professionally experienced with, solid credentials assures you an heirloom painting that you will treasure and be proud to display. Her works are owned and displayed by home owners and businesses both domestically and abroad.

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