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What was the inspiration behind the popular workshop “Create your Spirit Animal” ?

When we turn our attention to the intelligence of  animal life, creativity and Louise’s own Metis heritage, the result is the very powerful experience in Creating your own Spirit Animal.

The art crafted by the  attendees not only provides a gateway to their originality  and inner soul, but also offers a symbol of guidance, protection and  self-compassion, so needed in today’s world.  Here is how it came about …

“Ancient wisdom tells us that the Spirits of the animals can teach us, guide us, empower us and help us heal. I have always felt this to be true for myself.
Spirit Animal Guides… Why would I not want to share that with others?

The Story

Louise’s passions that held her steadfast in life were her love of art and her admiration of and connections with animals.  Both of these have guided her through life’s triumphs and life’s challenges.  By four years old she was drawing, encouraged by her mother (mainly because it kept her occupied), and by eleven she was composing with oil painting, mentored by her uncle in Vancouver, British Columbia Many of these early images were of animals.

Louise painted whenever she could   until she eventually was able to do it full-time, producing commissioned work, creating originals, and conducting workshops and classes at Wine Country Studios in the Okanagan Valley, B.C.

The meaning of animals’ significance came early to her.

As a very young child I recall my mother looking up at the sky and remarking about birds, their wisdom, their expanse in the skies… “All those birds, so many more than I knew! I believe we come back as birds, touching the heavens and earth.”

Years later, after the loss of her mother, Louise was grieving & navigating a period of mourning. Walking towards the lake during a chilly March afternoon, she heard a clatter in the sky.  Directly above her were the fluid but resilient Canadian geese, with one of their members trailing behind.  Louise intuitively knew the goose lagging was her mother’s spirit, touching the heavens.

About that time, a Métis  community leader, an elder, petitioned her. “You are an artist… we need an event that holds the interest of children and elders alike, weaving our heritage and permitting us to be creative.”  

Create your Spirit Animal was born… and the workshop following it was a hit. 

Since then, Create your Spirit Animal has been reviving souls and spirits. All it takes is curiosity and willingness to begin the journey.   

True to its initial inspiration, Create your Spirit Animal takes on a life of its own.  People who have never picked up an art brush are creating compelling images.

The paintings are created without hesitation because the artist’s internal compass is guiding them. They begin to trust their instincts… give up control, and allow themselves to be immersed in the experience. A guided meditation invites them to visit their spirit animal and then to create it on a canvas with paint.  

Everyone’s image is as distinctive and unique as their individual soul.

Create your Spirit Animal workshop is deeply rooted in the collective heritage of our ancestors.  The creative form permits everyone—man, woman and child—to enjoy and benefit from it.