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  2. Find You Own Novel Holiday Style Using These Tips:

Find You Own Novel Holiday Style Using These Tips:

Try incorporating something you already have and love into your holiday decorating by pairing with other items that compliment in colour and style.  If you have a cherished object that you traditionally showcase add something new every year to keep it fresh and updated.

Use Flower Power
The flowers that take centre stage should be an expression of you, not just the season.  Fresh flowers always add a special feel and are beautiful on your dinner, coffee and foyer tables. Whether they are lilies that give you joy or carnations that bring back memories create or select true-to-you arrangements. Alternatively, you can stay simple with a bouquet of white amaryllis as an understated accent that’s synonymous with winter.   What’s more, you’ll enjoy them long after the Christmas party ends.

Think beyond red and green as not every interior that suits the typical holiday palette.  Instead of fighting your home’s existing colour scheme….embrace it. A cool blue room can sparkle with metallic silver, but traditional Christmas red may look better in another area of the house.

Why not simply use a large bowl to hold Christmas baubles that didn’t make it onto the tree for a simple centerpiece or coffee table accent.

Maria Byland, owner and operator of Bylands Garden Centre takes an all through the house approach to holiday decorating.  The easiest way to infuse often overlooked rooms (bedroom, bathrooms) with seasonal spirit is simply using greenery such as cedar, pine and eucalyptus to add holiday charm and sparkle.

Treat each room with its own unique personality, such as a kitchen and work in the theme of the room.  If all else fails, insert a little red into the room to give it  the festive feel, while providing your room with  a focal point, because red always takes centre stage.

This year have fun transforming your home into the holiday magic and make the day even more memorable for you, your family and guests.  After all we all need a little sparkle and magic in our lives during the winter solstice.

By Louise Lambert
Westside Weekly, Decemberr 2, 2016