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Art And Decorating

Art transforms our homes like few other design elements can

  • Use art to create a focal point, evoke feelings & memories, and colours & light
  • Select art that you like-don’t worry about matching or trends

You will know right away if it is something, you love.  After all, you will be looking at it everyday.  Get what is beautiful to you.
Once you have chosen your art look for areas of your home that have impact, such as architectual element, over the fireplace.


Art that is hung correctly will dramatically enhance the visual appeal as well as the salability of a home.  A large important or strategically placed piece can be the starting point for the entire colours scheme and mood.

When hanging art to enhance archetitect of a piece of furniture be sure that it is connected to the piece.  Keep the edges of the artwork aligned with the piece and do not allow the picture to extend beyond the outside edge of the furniture.

Make the Room Feel Larger

To visually heighten a low ceiling in a room use vertical pieces of art

Getting the Art to Fit your Space

    • Look at your furniture and area as a block of space.
    • Ideally, the artwork should fit 2/3 of the space
    • Group together smaller pieces of artwork to use in larger areas
    • Place your art generally 6” inches above the furniture, anything above 12” will be floating
    • Generally-people hang the art too high

Creating a Perfect Grouping Arrangement

    • When hanging a grouping-lay out on the floor
    • Keep the outer edges aligned and work forward to the middle.
    • Cut out butchers paper in the size of the art and place it on the wall-tape it in place to see if that where you like it.
    • Keep pairs of artwork together-resist splitting


Use accent lighting to enhance artwork


  • Frames add your final signature
  • Consider colour width and style, theme of piece and wider-for larger pieces
  • Use like or complimentary frames in the area you are working

What you put on your walls will change the way you feel about your home and offers a window into your life for you and your guests to enjoy.