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Treat Your Fifth Wall To An Update, Flooring Part 2 of 2

You have decided on your new flooring or you are thinking of refinishing what you have.  You may wish to consider these tips:

Flooring Installation
If you can install the flooring yourself good for you, but for the remaining percentage of us, we will want to find a professional floor installer, preferably one who specializes in the product we selected.

The installer will usually quote on the per square feet of flooring product being installed, depending on the product that you selected and the area that it is going over.  Other additional charges could involve removal of old flooring, cove trim, transitions at doorways and other incidentals such as moving furniture within your home. These can add up to sums approaching 30% of your bills total, so make sure you ask about these rates ahead of time or you may be in for a big surprise when the final invoice is delivered.

Rates vary, from 2.00 to 5.50 per square foot.   If you a comparative shopper, you can simply compare the square footage costs from installer to installer along with seeking out references.  Ask the installer if there are other costs prior to the job.  Usually, most professional installers will provide a detailed written estimate so there are no surprises.

 If there is no substitute for the warmth of hardwood floors, you may be considering refinishing them.  Here are some of the common questions that I find home owners asking:

 My hardwood floors have turned yellow, what can be done?
The yellowing of hardwood flooring naturally occurs primarily from UV light. According to Rick Johnstone, “Hardwood flooring has about a 15 year life expectancy till they need to get re-finished.  The yellowing can be removed by sanding and then water based clear coat which has UV fighting properties is applied to reduce the yellowing”. Think of it as applying a permanent sun screen to your floors to protect them.

If I resurface them will it cause a lot of dust in my home?
The machines “we use today have a HEPA Certified vacuum systems, which are attached to the sanders to pull the dust.  We use painter’s plastic around sensitive areas, such as cabinets, as well as adding filter cloth to all cold air returns.  This helps to reduce the dust from travelling through your house, but from clogging up the furnace”, says Johnstone.  If you have hardwood floors, resurfacing them maybe a good option for you.
Cost range: Most floor refinisher charge by the square foot, and plan on sending anywhere between 2.50 to 5.50 per square foot.

Go ahead and ground yourself with the flooring options.

By Louise Lambert
Westside Weekly, February 17, 2017