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What Is A Giclée?

Art by Louise LambertThe word giclée is French for “to spray on” or “to spray ink”. It is pronounced “zhee-clay”. The giclée process uses incredibly accurate computer-controlled jet to apply ink to watercolor paper, canvas or etching paper. These unique jets are able to vary the width of the ink stream to as small as 1/100th the width of human hair. It is this capability that gives the giclée its beauty. Giclées have a higher resolution than offset lithographs and the dynamic color range is greater than serigraph. Giclée reproductions are used to produce museum quality, fine art reproductions. In the art world it is generally regarded as the highest quality reproduction available.


The giclée process begins with the input stage. A high resolution transparency is scanned to create a digital file. The scanning process is critical and requires the most technically advanced equipment. After the scan is complete the resulting file will be entered into the computer, where the file must be color balanced and adjusted to match the original artwork. Making the final print match or exceed the original painting is an art in itself and calls for a great deal of patience and skill. This requires the use of a colorist and is overseen by the artist. The file preparation and proofing takes approximately two weeks.


Our giclées are produced using the highest quality canvas and inks available.

Each piece is then coated with a clear finish that is non-yellowing, and has a UV inhibitor.

Care: The giclée should be afforded the same level of care as an original piece of art. They are valuable works, beautiful reproductions but costly to produce, therefore should be handled with care.

Giclées, like fine paintings or watercolors, should last a lifetime if properly framed and cared for.


The most obvious reason to invest in art should be enjoyment: do you like the work? Beyond enjoyment, there is the consideration of making a wise investment. By definition, an investment should have the capacity to appreciate in value. It is important to note that there are scheduled price increases as giclées begin to sell out.