by Louise Lambert, Through the Artists Eye

Recently, the Modern Farmhouse Style has become a sought after look. Its appeal is the comfortable representation of the past, which it evokes.  Far from the urban modernism that prevails in the glass and steel monoliths in our big cities, it is perfect for our local warm and sunlit Okanagan Valley homes.  It embraces the environment rather than trying to conquer our surroundings.  It offers us an escape from all that visual and audible noise of the metropolis, by creating a relaxed look and feel in our homes

Farmhouse style brings to mind an old fashioned sense of home where the family gathered around the hearth and the kitchen table, which we now know as the present day kitchen island.  Houzz contributor, Laura Gakskill, describes it as ‘fresh rustic, comfortable modern, heritage with a twist and modern farmhouse style’ is all of these things and more.

This easy-to-love style takes the best of the past and updates it.”  The important element, which separates it from past rustic and county style, is to use a modern eye for simplicity.

Less is more, so you may wish to edit your favorite collections, to showcase your treasures, rather than distracting the eye with too many competing items.  It’s ok to mix… old with new, in fact it’s all in the mix, but you will want to minimize mass produced items that you would find in your big box stores, to create your own original story.

Try to use authentic materials to give it the room the richness and depth it deserves.  Use functional designs such as a hand crafted ceramic pitcher or vase.  Canadian designer Viki Mansell remarks that it is a blending of contemporary and rustic style with texture and original artwork to create a fabulous farmhouse retreat.    Rural art subjects, painted in soft oils are perfect for this style.  They embrace their surroundings adding life to your room, while keeping the look soft.

Antique wood furniture, or what I like to call ‘furniture with a past’, will tell their own story.  Something genuinely old lends gravitas to this interior, this is especially important if you are channeling farmhouse style in a condo or a new modern house.  Even one piece can set the stage.

What’s important here is to know that this style is not just a ‘trend look’.   It embraces what we hold near to our hearts and values.  In a world with such change and turmoil, why not come home to peace and comfort that enriches your soul. 

Now go ahead and create your retreat.

More key elements will be discussed in our next article.
Live in a real farmhouse?  We’d love to see it. Share your home, by contacting us and we may feature it in an article.

By Louise Lambert
Westside Weekly, April 19, 2017