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Are you learning to paint or draw?

by Louise Lambert, Wine Country Studios, Kelowna, BC

Light is Art

In art, a well-executed light and illumination are the determining factors for artwork to be compelling.  The drama of a painting is defined by the contrast of light and dark giving it intrigue.  The Classical Greeks believed that the reflection of light on a subject was critical for it to be thought as art.  

Are you learning to paint or draw?  Understanding light and dark is critical for creating captivating art. 

Are you buying art?  Look for well place light and dark by the artist in your paintings.

Autumn Breeze acrylic painting
Autumn Breeze

Let’s take a look at how light affects a landscape painting on both a cloudy and on a sunny day.  Notice the mood difference in mood they create and how one maybe more compelling.. 

Cloudy days reduce the brightness of colour, creating a greyish harmony:

Light Cloudy Days

They lessen the depth of the shadows and soften the differences between colors.

The shadows tend to disappear and colours are less saturated.  

Sunny Days bathed in warm light

Light Sunny Days

The colours here are more saturated.   We can tell that it is a sunny day because of the emphasis on the shadows.  The shadows spread across in violet tones and are strongly contrasted with the yellow tones of the path.  

Which painting holds your interest?

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