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Add Light and Warmth to your Home

New Years Goal: Add light and Warmth into your home

The weather in January can be dull. Sunshine is at a minimum and its easy to feel blue. But its a great time to look around the rooms your live in most and refresh your view with pops of colour and warmth to uplift and inspire. We have a very active newsletter that aims to connect and inspire art lovers.

Use a cohesive colour palette, which creates a sense of calm and cohesion.

Louise Lambert, Master Artist

“Modern dwellings and furniture can sometimes come across as cold and unwelcoming.

By adding some warm colour your clean stylized home now will now read warm and inviting.”

Read Louise’s full blog about how to add warmth and decorate a contemporary space here: https://winecountrystudios.ca/2021/12/17/contemporary-cool-how-to-make-the-modern-home-warm-and-inviting/

Be the first to know about workshops, Art trends, and new pieces added to our Wine Country Studios gallery: http://eepurl.com/hPKUD5

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Hope your day is beautiful and highlighted with colour.