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Creative Series Workshops

Descriptions of the Creative Series Workshops:

Exploring Impressionist Painters –Van Gogh and Monet

This Creative Series unlocks the mystery of the impressionist painting style.  The brush strokes are loose and the colours are pure.  Experience is not required. It was developed because impressionist painters are so loved and are well known in Canada. The impressionist style emerged in France and has influenced art around the world.

What is different about the Creative Series?  It is not a cookie cutter approach.  You get launched with some easy painting steps and then you are free to explore your own touch.   Your creation will not look the same as your fellow artist.  Not only do you get to take home the art, you have learned something about creating art and yourself in the process.  Along the way you will learn about scandalous entertaining insights about these impressionistic art masters.

For over the past four years, the series has been offered in a variety of venues by professional artist Louise Lambert, to hundreds of new and aspiring artists.  Beginners to experienced artists can discover and create their own impressionist artworks.

Create your own Spirit Animal

Participants in these workshops experience a guided mediation in creating their own “Spirit Animals” painting.  Everyone has several different spirit animals and you will create one of yours.  This is a fun and delightful workshop that welcomes beginning artists to the more experienced.   

Why take a Creative Series workshop?

The Creative Series’ entertains, inspires and provides a creative force for the community.  And during these last years it is refreshing to embrace yourself in something so positive.  It is completely consuming and you find yourself right in the moment.

So far, the Creative Series has explored great European artists as well as the Group of Seven whose works are said to capture the soul of Canada.  

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To reserve please contact Louise Lambert, at Wine Country Studios:  (250)212.3674 | [email protected]

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