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Art as an experience

Why not have a personal connection with your artwork?

If you want a particular size, theme, subject or colour palette, Louise will create a custom artwork painted just for you.

Commissioning art is the natural solution. The cost is not that much more than purchasing an original piece of art from a gallery, while getting exactly what you want.  Commissioning art is a fun, bucket-list experience.  No matter if you are a first-time art buyer or a seasoned art collector, Louise will make the process easy, enjoyable and exciting.

In January of 2022 I was entrusted to paint a homestead with a field of poppies. Bringing light and joy to the owners who not only have new art but they have a experience and a personal story to share with the world.

Poppy field Homestead Painting
Homestead with Poppy Field
Details of painting a poppy field: Commission Piece

Interested in Louise bringing your dream to reality? Contact her today – loumarart@loumarart | 250.212.3674

Find out more about commissions here: https://winecountrystudios.ca/commissionned-art/

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