1. Workshops


NEW: Mindfulness and Watercolour

Watercolour is expressive and translucent while being calm. It finds its own path, as you guide it gently. When I wish to be mindful, I often, break with my routine and pick up my watercolours. It allows me to be creative. Yet, I need to pay attention to every mark I make. Which allows me to be in the moment…
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Spirit Animal: Bear - painted by Louise Lambert

Create Your Spirit Animal

Everyone has a spirit animal, why not capture the essence of yours? We will start with a guided meditation, and after paving the way with gentle coaching you will create your own artistic version of your spirit animal. If you have never held a paintbrush or drawn before now is your chance for a fun and insightful experience. Did you…
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NEW:  Acrylic Textured Painting

Learn how to add multi-dimensional texture to your canvas even before picking up your paintbrush.  As a great introduction to how to prep your canvas, you will learn fun techniques for applying easy-to-find and inexpensive materials to your painting.  Get that dimensional effect by creating shape and movement–the possibilities are endless. Using this process you will build and create a…
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Painting Landscape PART 2

If you wish to go further with your landscape painting or you have taken How to Create a Landscape Painting (Part 1) this workshop is for you. You will learn the tips that professional artists use to produce the illusion of depth creating the magic of atmospheric prospective. You will acquire skill in colour, colour mixing and how to manipulate…
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How to Create a Landscape Painting, Part 1

Capture the natural beauty in a landscape painting You will be given the tips and tools to create a landscape painting that you will be proud of: Draw the viewer to your painting, by learning how to create a focal point, and where to place it. Plus you will know where to place the horizon, where the sky meets the…
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How to Paint Sky, Mountains and Water

Western Canada offers dramatic skies, majestic mountains, and crystal clear lakes to capture in your painting. In this beginner’s workshop you will learn how to paint: Captivating sky, believable clouds Master mountains and create realistic water, all elements you want when painting your landscapes or seascapes. By learning some clever techniques you will actually complete your painting during this workshop that you…
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How to paint a Vineyard-workshop

How to paint a Vineyard

This beginner’s studio work shop will cover design layout and painting of vineyards Do you ever wonder how an artist keeps the rows of vines in the rightperspective? In this in studio workshop, we will use a fail proof technique to show you how to do it. So you will create a convincing vineyard painting… Upon completing the workshop you…
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