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Reflections of Autumn

  • Harmonizing rich muted colours
  • Original oils by Louise Lambert
  • Handsome artwork work sets atmosphere
  • Works well in a narrow space because of its dimensions.

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Reflections Of Autumn

Reflections of Autumn

Imagine strolling on the shores of Lake Okanagan, the  crispness of new autumn  is in the air and the waterfront is there for you to enjoy alone.  Reflections of Autumn was painted on site by the artist.

The land is owned by Westbank First Nations, which is part of the Sylix Nation.  For thousands of years the Sylix People of the Okanagan were self-reliant and well provided for through their use of the land.  The land may have looked like this painting.


However,  the artists returned to the land the next year to continue the painting collection,  the scene was drastically  altered.  The land was re-zoned, for residential housing and leased by Westbank First Nations.  Today it is known as West Harbour Kelowna.

The painting captures a  moment in time, before redevelopment took hold.


Size: 16” by 20


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Reflections of Autumn

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