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Red Tailed Hawk



-Spirit Animal painted in acrylic paints on wood, 8” by 10” image

-warm and cool colour compliments makes a great gift for you or someone special.

-mounted in a black contemporary frame.

Original art by Louise Lambert

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In stock


-Spirit Animal painted in acrylic paints on a 8” by 10” wood panel, measuring 9” by 11” framed

-Original Artwork by Louise Lambert

-Cool and Warm Colours compliment the artwork

-mounted in a black wood contemporary frame.


The Red- Tailed Hawk is captured, with its wings about to be spread wide for flight, with its pensive stare towards the task at hand in this original artwork. The Red-Tailed Hawk wing  span can be up to 5 feet

Spend time observing and studying the situation that life my present to you. When it’s time to take action make a quick and decisive act, is the guiding message from the Red Tail Hawk.

red-tailed hawk (maanzheur di pool a cheu roozh)

Painted in the right corner  is the La Paviyoon di Michif (the Métis Flag) which  symbolizes the faith that the Métis culture shall live on forever, symbolizing the unity of two cultures, European and First Nations peoples to produce a new distinct culture, the Métis people!

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