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Naramata Bench


  • Painted by Canadian Artist, Louise Lambert
  • Only 25 Limited Edition reproductions of Naramata Shores will be recreated
  • Museum Canvas
  • Louise Lambert signs and numbers each edition.
  • Available Sizes: 16” by 48” and gift size 8” by 24”
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Naramata Bench

Own a Vineyard or the next best thing, with Naramata Bench, vineyard artwork.

Canvas, Limited Giclees Reproductions Available –Landscape Art

Naramata Bench by Louise Lambert

The rhythmic pattern of rolling vineyards crests above the sparkling blue lake, while mountains frame the background. This impressive landscape is captured in Naramata Bench, a horizontal painting available in limited giclee editions in two sizes, 16” by 48” and gift size 8” by 24”.

This painting was created on site and the area is known for the top wine-producing region in the country attracting international acclaim.

Pair this artwork, Naramata Bench, created by Louise Lambert with The Valley to capture the essence of the vineyards.

Louise Lambert is one of the most prolific vineyard landscape painters in Canada’s wine regions. Her timeless paintings are rich with colour will add elegant ambiance to your home. Lambert’s Canadian landscape paintings are displayed in selected wineries and carried from there by her customers around the globe.

  • Painted by Canadian Artist, Louise Lambert
  • Only 25 Limited Editions of Naramata Bench, artwork created
  • Museum Canvas, Fade-Resistant Archival Inks
  • Louise Lambert signs and numbers each edition
  • Canadian Product


Rolled Canvas

A Rolled canvas is a regular canvas before it is stretched over a frame of wooden stretcher bars.
You may choose a rolled canvas because:

1. It costs less than a stretched canvas
2. Ease of shipment and handling,
3. You can have it stretched at your frame shop or stretch it yourself.



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naramata bench - Louise Lambert


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