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What was the inspiration behind the popular workshop “Create your Spirit Animal” ?

When we turn our attention to the intelligence of  animal life, creativity and Louise’s own Metis heritage, the result is the very powerful experience in Creating your own Spirit Animal.

The art crafted by the  attendees not only provides a gateway to their originality  and inner soul, but also offers a symbol of guidance, protection and  self-compassion, so needed in today’s world.  Here is how it came about …

“Ancient wisdom tells us that the Spirits of the animals can teach us, guide us, empower us and help us heal. I have always felt this to be true for myself.
Spirit Animal Guides… Why would I not want to share that with others?

The Story

Louise’s passions that held her steadfast in life were her love of art and her admiration of and connections with animals.  Both of these have guided her through life’s triumphs and life’s challenges.  By four years old she was drawing, encouraged by her mother (mainly because it kept her occupied), and by eleven she was composing with oil painting, mentored by her uncle in Vancouver, British Columbia Many of these early images were of animals.

Louise painted whenever she could   until she eventually was able to do it full-time, producing commissioned work, creating originals, and conducting workshops and classes at Wine Country Studios in the Okanagan Valley, B.C.

The meaning of animals’ significance came early to her.

As a very young child I recall my mother looking up at the sky and remarking about birds, their wisdom, their expanse in the skies… “All those birds, so many more than I knew! I believe we come back as birds, touching the heavens and earth.”

Years later, after the loss of her mother, Louise was grieving & navigating a period of mourning. Walking towards the lake during a chilly March afternoon, she heard a clatter in the sky.  Directly above her were the fluid but resilient Canadian geese, with one of their members trailing behind.  Louise intuitively knew the goose lagging was her mother’s spirit, touching the heavens.

About that time, a Métis  community leader, an elder, petitioned her. “You are an artist… we need an event that holds the interest of children and elders alike, weaving our heritage and permitting us to be creative.”  

Create your Spirit Animal was born… and the workshop following it was a hit. 

Since then, Create your Spirit Animal has been reviving souls and spirits. All it takes is curiosity and willingness to begin the journey.   

True to its initial inspiration, Create your Spirit Animal takes on a life of its own.  People who have never picked up an art brush are creating compelling images.

The paintings are created without hesitation because the artist’s internal compass is guiding them. They begin to trust their instincts… give up control, and allow themselves to be immersed in the experience. A guided meditation invites them to visit their spirit animal and then to create it on a canvas with paint.  

Everyone’s image is as distinctive and unique as their individual soul.

Create your Spirit Animal workshop is deeply rooted in the collective heritage of our ancestors.  The creative form permits everyone—man, woman and child—to enjoy and benefit from it. 

Summer Art Workshops Around The Okanagan

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Painting in progress
Louise Lambert Art Series at the Penticton Art Gallery
Workshop details available under our workshop and classes tab
Outdoor painting workshops at Kalamoir Beach
Use an Artist Palette to decorate your house

Now you have the opportunity to use an artist’s eye.  Who better knows colour than a professional selling artist?  Educated in colour and using combinations of colours in everything they paint gives them the advantage of selecting colours and colour combinations.

Interior design by Louise Lambert’s palette

When Louise Lambert creates a painting, for a client, she endeavors to learn their colour preferences and themes desired. The size of the painting is carefully scaled to fit the space in the home.  However, the real magic happens once the painting is completed and installed. At this point, the owner of the artwork is also given the color palette used to create the painting.  The owners can then use this colour palette for future selections of furniture, upholstery and other decorative items. Learn decorating secrets from our cleaver professional artists and designers at Wine Country Studios.  

Just make an appointment @ 250-212-3674.

Make it Personal

These days, there seems to be a growing backlash towards the antiseptic and minimalized decorating trend currently in vogue in home décor.  You know, the ones with fewer collections, less colour on the walls, more all-white everything, and mass-produced accent pieces. I am sure you have noticed this too.  Perhaps, this neutralizing of the home is an effect of the home selling process, encouraged by the realtors. 

Personal items add interest and detail to tie a room together

In an effort to organize and perfect our homes by cloning the look of “the model home” have we taken some of the life out of our surroundings?  There is something about having a living space that tells a story of why we came to live in this place; the dreams that brought us here, and the pleasures we seek, by incorporating colours, objects, and memories and setting them in comfortable surroundings.

Yet, decorating elements, which, with their own distinct qualities and functions, complement one another to create the unique environment we call home. Paint colour, lighting, artwork, and style are some areas we have identified as helpful in designing your own environment.

In the end, I believe that what truly makes a house a home are those personal objects which tell your story, reflect your energy, and help you create the tranquil, warm atmosphere that we call home.

Creative Art Series Spring|Summer 2022 Workshops

Creative Art Series Spring|Summer 2022 Workshops

Workshop Schedule
What is your style?

What is your style?

If you are bold, strong, and like control, then Acrylics may be your paints of choice for you.

walk on the wild side painting
Acrylic Paints

If you enjoy depth, the classics, and natural rhythms, seek out oil paints.

Oil Painting

If you like to blend in and well as stand out with glorious colour, Soft Pastels, popularized by the French will be your choice.

Soft Pastels

If you like the subtle, gentle flow, but the occasional detail, then Watercolours will be a good fit.

A Great Mix & New Workshop: Mindfulness and WaterColour

Mindfulness and Watercolour

Watercolour is expressive and translucent while being calm. It finds its own path, as you guide it gently. When I wish to be mindful, I often, break with my routine and pick up my watercolours. It allows me to be creative. Yet, I need to pay attention to every mark I make. Which allows me to be in the moment and present during the painting process.

Watercolour on paper

Visual arts usually require this intense mindfulness. If you lose the rhythm by being distracted it will show directly on your paper or canvas. Your focus is rewarded by remaining with the process.

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Science says: Want a better memory? …get out your sketch pad

In 2016, The Journal of Experimental Psychology suggested that if you want to improve your memory, try drawing.  Since that time, psychologists have tested this theory in sample trials. The results were consistent: Drawing objects beats every other option, every time. People recalled more than twice as many drawn words.  

Drawing encourages “a seamless integration of semantic, visual and motor aspects of the memory trace.” Jeffery Wammes, Psychologist who led the recent study, cited in the Time, edition on memory, January 2022.

What does that mean to you?

For now, Drawing works to improve your memory or recall. 

Painting helps with memory recall

As a professional artist and teacher I do see this recall improving as we progress with our student’s art classes with our students.  So you may want to think about taking some form of visual communications classes such as drawing, painting, sculpturing, drafting and design.  

In short, when you do your next “to do” list, doodle your words, rather than write them out longhand.

We offer private and semi-private art classes as well as our scheduled workshops. Click HERE to see our schedule.

Painting, food for your spirit and your memory
“Create Your Spirit Animal” Workshop: Roots and Meanings

“Create your Spirit Animal” is a unique, guided meditation and painting workshop run by Wine Country Studios.  The owner and workshop facilitator is professional Métis artist, Louise Lambert.  The program draws on the Métis understanding of ‘spirit animals’ as life guides and symbols of qualities and values that each animal holds. 

Louise draws upon her forefathers the Algonquin people that believed that nature was inhabited by spirits that intermixed with the physical world.  The Algonquin were deeply spiritual and had a religion founded on animism, the belief that a spiritual world animated and interacted with the physical world.  Instead of believing in one god, the Algonquin’s believed in an essential spirit present in all living things, and embodied in Kitchi Manitou.  

Spirit Animal: Bear - painted by Louise Lambert
Spirit Animal: Bear – painted by Louise Lambert

Historical evidence of the Algonquin settlements, date back to 4280 BC and possibly earlier. Their tribal lands were largely found in the areas of the Ottawa River valley.  Their first known meeting with Europeans occurred in 1603 when they encountered the French explorers. Later they were exposed to the influx of French trappers as the region was rich for the fur trade.  

Helen painting her Spirit Animal: Quail
Helen painting her Spirit Animal: a quail

Many European settlers married Algonquin women, as they provided comfort as well as acting as guides in the new territory.  The first inter-mixed breeds, as they called them back then, became known as the Métis which translates in French as a ‘Mixed.’ 

Interested in leaning more about Métis people?  Check out our blog. 

Who are the Métis? 

The Métis  are a distinct people, and it can be complicated to define Métis identity.

They share European and Indigenous Ancestry.  They lived off of the land and travelled all over the continent of “North America” acting as guides, interpreters, trappers and entrepreneurs.  They are hunters, gatherers, artist, musician, lawyers, doctors and most of all family.  There are many ways to be Métis.

“Treasured Moments with Carol” by Louise Lambert

The Métis are one of the three recognized groups of Indigenous People in Canada.  These groups are First Nations, Inuit and the Métis.

Métis people can trace their heritage back to the mixing of the First Nations people and European settlers.

However, due to their nomadic lifestyle and the practices of colonization of Canada, ancestry and documentation can be difficult to prove.

Interested in the indigenous traditions of Spirit Animals? At our art studio I run a meditative art class guiding you to find and create your Spirit Animal. visit our Create Your Spirit Animal workshop page to find our more.

Wolf Spirit animal
Wolf Spirit Animal