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Loon Vase

  • Handcrafted vase by Jean-Anne Copley
  • Graphic craved design of Loon stylised
  • Decorative and functional
  • Original, only one was created.

Loon Vase

Loon vase

“Loon Vase” by Jean-Anne Copley

Make a subtle statement with black and white graphics  in stylised Loon Vase

The technique used for this vase is called ‘Scrifito’, and consists of carving into wet clay.  This carving was done after the wet clay was covered with a black glaze.  After days of drying, the vase was fired.  An elegant, serene depiction of a truly  favorite Canadian  subject, the Canadian Loon !


Size:  10” height, 12” wide, 6” wide




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