Indigenous Art

Take Flight

  • Original Painting in Acrylic paint on Canvas
  • Painted by Canadian Artist Louise Lambert  at  Wine Country Studios
  • Framed and  ready to hang on your walls
  • Harmonizing Rich Palate
  • 22” by 26”

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Take Flight

This original artwork is a spiritual painting of a man taking flight, shape shifting into powerful eagle to soar closer to his maker.   An aura of light surrounds him in his journey offering protection.

As a decedent of the Algonquin people from eastern Canada, as my forefathers were, these people are encouraged by mobility and respected the grace of nature.

At one time the Algonquin s controlled the Ottawa River as a hunter gather society.   When they met the French in 1603 their population exceeded 6,000.  Algonquin partnered with the French in the fur trade.  Because the Algonquin were accustomed to using marriage as a means of joining extended families and few French women wanted to leave France for the harsh life of the colonies, unions between indigenous women and French men quickly became common.


Original painted in acrylics on canvas

22” by 26”


The Return
Western Stoneware Platter

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Take Flight

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